Monday, May 23, 2005

Our Advice: Vote Warriors

The University has released its list of possible nicknames. Most of the names were pretty much expected, although Knights, Saints, Spirit and Wolves seem to come out of nowhere.

The arrogance that has marked the whole process is evident in the e-mail the University sent out. It notes:
To be counted, write-in nicknames must be consistent with the university’s Catholic, Jesuit mission and the Board of Trustee’s resolution forbidding Native American imagery and references. Additionally, write-in suggestions of nicknames that are intended to mock or embarrass the university will not be counted. Any nicknames under review by the NCAA for their relationship to Native American imagery will not be counted. Examples of nicknames that will not be counted include Warriors (or any variation of the word, i.e., war) and Jumpin’ Jesuits.
Translation: We will listen to you, but only if you tell us what we want to hear.

You have a choice, but only after the choice you really want has been ruled out.

Our recomnentation: write in “Warriors.” Of course that could be seen as “throwing your vote away,” but none of the other choices are especially exciting. None are terrible either.

The University, faced with a lot of “Warriors” write-ins, will doubtless refuse to disclose how many there were. And this fact will doubtless lead to the widespread perception that there were a very, very many.

Writing in “Warriors” is simply a way of saying “I’m not going to participate in this sham process on the terms you dictate. You can arrogantly refuse to count my vote, but I’m not going to play your corrupt game.”


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