Marquette Warrior: Bill Moyers’ Out-of-Control Rant

Friday, May 20, 2005

Bill Moyers’ Out-of-Control Rant

Bill Moyers, until recently liberal-left pundit for the Public Broadcasting System, has been under fire from conservatives for his leftist bias. In a speech at something called the National Conference for Media Reform, Moyers attacked his conservative critics, and indeed the mainstream media, and went on to explain the kind of “unbiased” reporting he did on PBS:
For these reasons and in that spirit, we went about reporting on Washington as no one else in broadcasting — except occasionally 60 Minutes — was doing. We reported on the expansion of the Justice Department’s power of surveillance. We reported on the escalating Pentagon budget and expensive weapons that didn’t work. We reported on how campaign contributions influenced legislation and policy to skew resources to the comfortable and well-connected while our troops were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq with inadequate training and armor. We reported on how the Bush administration was shredding the Freedom of Information Act. We went around the country to report on how closed-door, backroom deals in Washington were costing ordinary workers and tax payers their livelihood and security. We reported on offshore tax havens that enable wealthy and powerful Americans to avoid their fair share of national security and the social contract.
Moyers might be considered the Howard Dean of journalism. He accurately represents declining liberalism circa 2005: bitter, strident, angry, intolerant and viciously hostile to people who disagree with its politics.

Yes, we know. Not all liberals are like that. But way too many are, and those who are set the tone for the entire movement.

By all means read the entire speech, or see it on C-SPAN tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time.


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