Marquette Warrior: How about “War Eagles?”

Sunday, May 15, 2005

How about “War Eagles?”

The Internet has been awash with suggestions as to what the new Marquette athletics nickname should be. Here is a “way better thought out than average” suggestion. And yes, we know that Auburn has “War Eagles” but they are in a different region of the country and so far as we know Marquette never plays Auburn.

Since the Marquette administration continues to reject the wishes of the majority of alums, students and supporters of the University by refusing to consider the Warriors nickname, I have come up with a nickname/mascot that will be a close of mix the old with the recent past. It also has rich Wisconsin history. What could possibly be better? It is the War Eagles. Obviously combining a little bit of the old with the recent past. The Wisconsin history connection is interesting.

Company C of the Eighth Wisconsin Regiment had a War Eagle mascot named “Old Abe” when it served during the Civil War between 1861 and 1864.

Old Abe went into battle with the Eighth Wisconsin numerous times and was retired after 4 years of service with the Regiment. He was then given to the State in 1864. A replica of Old Abe is perched above the Speaker’s Podium in the Assembly Chambers of the State Capitol. Here are a couple of websites that give a history of Wisconsin’s War Eagle of Company C of the Eighth Wisconsin Regiment:

I think War Eagles would be a perfect fit since “Warriors” is being rejected outright. It even has that touch of great Wisconsin history. Too bad someone will probably find the use of the word “war” to be offensive, even if it commemorates the brave soldiers of the Eighth Wisconsin and the Eagle that “led” them into battle.

Greg Rajala


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