Marquette Warrior: Another Indian Doesn’t Know to be Offended by “Warriors”

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another Indian Doesn’t Know to be Offended by “Warriors”

Journal-Sentinel sportswriter Jim Stingl, in an article that was generally sympathetic to the Administration for stone-walling on the “Warriors” nickname, decided to see what an actual American Indian (rather than Marquette bureaucrats) thought about the issue:
I called Andrew Beechtree, an American Indian who taught my children middle school social studies. There’s a likeness of him in that Tribute to Survival carousel at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The tribe leaders don’t speak for him, he said, and he’s not bothered by the Warrior name. “The things that offend me are what just happened in Zion, Illinois, and not having enough troops in Iraq,” he said.
The first rule of Political Correctness is “the only minority group members who matter are those who talk like white liberals and leftists. Ignore all the others.”

Stingl appears to have run afoul of this rule.


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