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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Marquette Magazine: Failing to Mention Dan Maguire

A good catch from the GOP3.COM blog:

Marquette, the alumni magazine published by the University, bragged in its Summer 2005 issue about Marquette professors who were consulted by the media to discuss the new pope.

Headed, “Marquette as national expert,” it listed professors Thorn, Avella, Del Colle, Fahey, Wolfe, Kurtz, Prospero and Carey.

Who was not listed? Dan Maguire, the outspoken proponent of gay rights, legal abortion and just about anything sexual that the Church condemns.

This in spite of the fact that Maguire was featured in the Journal-Sentinel article discussing a meeting he had with (then) Cardinal Ratzinger, and a letter to the editor to the New York Times. Maguire’s attitude toward the new Pope was, in both cases, highly derogatory.

The post ends by suggesting “I wonder if his exclusion for Marquette Magazine means that Marquette is embarrassed to have him on faculty.”

It would be nice to believe that the Marquette Administration has more loyalty to Church teaching than Maguire, and therefore is embarrassed about what he says.

Unfortunately, this is the Administration that honors pro-abortion politicians, adopts (in the University Ministry) the gay rights agenda, and has an Admissions Office that recruits at “gay pride” high school events.

So it looks for all the world like Marquette administrators, rather than being embarrassed because they are more loyal to Church teachings than Maguire is, are merely trying to conceal the fact that they aren’t.


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