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Friday, August 05, 2005

NCAA: Warriors is Fine

When the NCAA released its list of politically incorrect schools that have to conceal their mascot or nickname or both in tournament, one nickname was entirely absent.


Those institutions that got singled out were chosen from a larger pool of 31 schools who used Indian nicknames and were required to fill out a questionnaire produced by the Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee in an attempt to establish their political correctness.
The MOIC’s most recent actions were based, in part, on results from that second self-evaluation. The survey was distributed to 31 institutions representing all three divisions. As part of the voluntary self-evaluation, schools were asked to clarify their position on the continued use of American Indian mascots based on NCAA constitutional amendments that establish the Association’s commitment to the values of diversity, respect and nondiscrimination. Institutions also were asked to provide information on their educational and outreach initiatives related to American Indians.
All of the schools using “Warriors” were either not on the list of 31 schools, or passed the political correctness test.

This in spite of the fact that the NCAA’s own list shows nine schools using “Warriors” as a nickname.


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