Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How to Promote a Movie About Gay Cowboys

From the Blog of Nate:

. . . an interesting piece about how Hollywood promotes a movie about two homosexual cowboys.

Blogger Nate Romano doesn’t mind the fact that Hollywood is being politically correct making a movie with a homosexual theme, but he wishes Tinseltown had the courage of its politically correct convictions.
So, yeah, all the Hollywood critics and elites are busy patting themselves on the back that they went and and made a touching love story about gay cowboys and all that is heartwarming, with two macho straight actors in the lead.

Yet, when it comes time to pump it up for Oscar....what do we find. Hmm...oh, yeah, nary a mention of hot male on male cowboy loving. Nope. Instead, its Jake Gyllenhall and wife and baby.
Don’t miss the very heterosexual posters used to promote the movie.


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