Monday, December 05, 2005

Marquette Student Blogs and the Dental School Blogger

The suspension of a Dental School student based on some blog posts that he made has led to a quick reaction from other Marquette student bloggers.

Both the conservative bloggers at GOP3.COM and the liberal bloggers at the 1832 blog reacted quickly. Ryan Alexander at 1832 suggested:
Dr. McAdams’ Blog is reporting that a Marquette Dental Student has been suspended over his personal blog posts that were apparently critical of a Dental School professor, of his second-year dental school class and over a few posts that detailed a few nights of drinking. . . .

So this either means my letter of dismissal either got lost in the mail or is on its way.....
Alexander continued in a humorous mode:
From now on all blog entries on 1832 will begin by proclaiming, “Thank you God,for giving me the privilege of attending a University with a student body, and a faculty and staff, that are all worthy of Sainthood....”

Our first entry will be: “Pam Peters, Marquette’s own Dorothy Day?” Which will then be followed by: “Joseph Kastner, Most Likely Marquette Student To End Racism and Bring Peace to the Middle East?” we then reveal: “The Warrior: A Publication Written By the Divinely Inspired” but our post of the year will surely be: “Late Night Marquette: What were we thinking before?!?! LATE NIGHT RULES!”
At GOP3 the student bloggers weren’t in the mood for humor. A post from Brian Collar was headed “Dear Marquette Administrators, You decided to screw up again.”

Collar went on to hope that the blogger, whose name has not been released, will make himself known.
I am eager to learn the student’s name; he has just made many new friends at Marquette University.
On the same blog, Brandon Henak summarized his reaction in an article titled “Marquette University Suspends Blogger, Snuffs Free Speech.”

Joseph Kastner, at the Office of Homeland Security said that “This is a censorship at its worst.”

Particularly interesting was Law School blogger Steve at Eminent Domain. He stressed the fact that Law School student bloggers have done things very similar to what the Dental School blogger did (talk about drinking too much, criticize the school), and concluded:
So, how does this affect me? It doesn’t . . . . I know of at least 4 law student bloggers. I don’t know of any instance where the law school administration has taken issue with the contents of their blogs or even contacted them at all. Either they don’t know about us or they don’t care about us. Either way, it’s going to be business as usual here at Eminent Domain.
Why is the Law School different? Because administrators there actually have a life, perhaps?

With a hat tip to GOP3.COM, we note that the issue has been discussed on: Perhaps it’s natural that bloggers should rally to the side of a fellow blogger, but a small sample of students interviewed today by Milwaukee’s Channel 18 didn’t see a lot of sense in the student’s suspension either.


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