Friday, March 10, 2006

John McAdams: Flaming Liberal?

The story of Marquette’s refusal to allow “The Vagina Monologues” to be performed on campus finally came out in the Journal-Sentinel yesterday.

This after:

January 26 — The GOP3.COM blog breaks the news that Marquette has announced a policy of not allowing it to be performed on campus.

February 15 — We break the story that leftist student group JUSTICE has asked for permission to perform the play, and been turned down.

Februray 25 — The Marquette Tribune finally gets around to running a story on the issue.

So the Journal-Sentinel didn’t exactly scoop anybody on this. Not only were they scooped by the Marquette Warrior Blog, they were scooped by the Tribune!

We get quoted in the story as saying, with regard to the banning of the play: “This makes us look exceedingly silly. . . .”

That’s, unfortunately, out of context.

In a rather long (30-40 minute) conversation with Megan Twohey, we insisted that so long as Marquette’s policy is not to allow the presentation on campus of something at odds with Catholic teaching, “The Vagina Monologues” should be banned.

We did say that, when Marquette gets into the business of deciding what is and what isn’t consistent with Catholic teaching, the university looks silly.

What we had in mind was the University’s banning of the Adopt-a-Sniper fundraiser staged by the College Republicans last spring.

If Marquette could back off and decide that speakers and presentations can happen on campus without the University endorsing them, that would get the institution out of the morass of trying to pass on every event that any student organization might want to stage.


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