Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dixie Chicks: Strong Gay & Lesbian Fan Base

From The Advocate, gay and lesbian journal, an interview with the Dixie Chicks.
You’re really breaking the genre mold for country music. “Not Ready to Make Nice” could be a gay anthem.

Robison: Yeah, I think there’s a certain defiance to our music. These days — correct me if I’m wrong — you almost have to be defiant in the gay and lesbian community just to stand your ground.

I think you’ve gotten a whole new crowd of gay fans because you were so outspoken.

Maines: We’ve wiped the slate clean as to whom we think our fans are, but we do think we have more liberals and more gay men behind us. We have a gay hairdresser and gay makeup artist who are with us every single day, so they fill us in.

You must see a lot of lesbians at your shows.

Robison: They’re usually on Martie’s side. [Laughs] We always tease her that she gets all the lesbians.
Yep, that’s why everybody needs a gay hairdresser and gay makeup artist!


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