Friday, July 14, 2006

Canadian Bureaucrats Censor Word “Blessed”

From the Canadian Free Press:
The ultra, politically correct, Kingston-based License Renewals Unit of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation finds the word “blessed” offensive.

Christian Cornelia J, Magcalas wanted the word “BLESSED4” on her license plate.

The Ministry of Transportation deemed the word unpalatable for the constituency it serves.

“Since the introduction of this program in 1983, the Ministry has taken the position that we would not knowingly issue any plates with words or slogans which other citizens might consider offensive or inappropriate,” supervisor Sandi Wood wrote in response to Magcalas. “This is often a difficult task since what may be seen as offensive or inappropriate by one individual may not be seen as such by another. However, a decision has to be made one way or the other, Therefore, we can only hope for the understanding and co-operation (sic) of either the requester or the public at large, depending on the decision made.”

“The Ministry’s concern, in your particular case, is that the plate would be considered by some members of the public to have a religious connotation.”
See how this works?

Liberals claim that they don’t want government to “endorse” or “promote” religion.

But how do they react to a private individual’s expression of religious conviction? They want that shut up too!

If you are an atheist, you apparently have a right to be “offended” at any expression of religious faith. But what about Christians? They are supposed to be “tolerant” of even the most vicious and hostile speech aimed at them.


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