Marquette Warrior: Supporting the Troops By Working For Their Defeat?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Supporting the Troops By Working For Their Defeat?

From Jeff Jacoby, an analysis of the claims by the Democrats that they “support the troops.”
Smart people who work hard become successful, John Kerry “joked” last fall, but uneducated sluggards “get stuck in Iraq.” Osama bin Laden is beloved by Muslims for “building schools, building roads, [and] building day-care facilities,” Washington Senator Patty Murray explained in 2002, while Americans only show up to “bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan.” Obama’s Illinois colleague Dick Durbin took to the Senate floor to equate US military interrogators in Guantanamo Bay with genocidal mass-murderers: “Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or . . . Pol Pot.”

It goes without saying that many Democrats and liberals take a back seat to no one in their admiration and appreciation of the US military. But there is no denying that a notable current of antimilitary hostility runs through the left as well. Examples are endless: ROTC is banned on elite college campuses. San Francisco bars a historic battleship from its port. Signs at antiwar protests exhort troops to “shoot their officers.” An Ivy League professor prays for “a million Mogadishus.” Michael Moore compares Iraqi insurgents who kill Americans to the Minutemen of Revolutionary New England.

America is a free country, but it is not the Michael Moores or the ROTC-banners or the senatorial loudmouths who keep it free. They merely enjoy the freedom that others are prepared to defend with their lives. It is the men and women who volunteer to wear the uniform to whom we owe our liberty. Surely they deserve better than pious claims of “support” from those who are working for their defeat.
Claims of the Democrats that they “support the troops” are much like their claim to be Christians. It’s not exactly that they are lying. It’s that there is a deep-seated hostility toward the military in the Democratic “base,” and more and more it moves into the mainstream of the party.

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