Marquette Warrior: Headdress Issue: Student’s Mom Responds

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Headdress Issue: Student’s Mom Responds

From Patty O’Connell, the mom of Dan O’Connell, the student who was called in and threatened by Assistant Vice President James McMahon. McMahon told O’Connell that if he wore an Indian headdress to the Marquette game tonight, it would be confiscated and O’Connell would be ejected from the Bradley Center.
I heard you already talked to Dan. Just a bit of a background. Our family are lifelong MU fans. My kids have been brought up since infancy loving MU hoops. Contrary to some opinions on the message board he didn’t do it to get on the jumbotron or to get attention for himself.

He believes we should be Warriors. He meant no disrespect to Native Americans. We even researched some head dresses to make it. I made it for him.

He won’t wear it to the game Saturday because he doesn’t want to create a scene or make a statement. He has worn it since the Rutgers game and no one ever said anything until the national spotlight was coming to MU.

McMahon told me it wasn’t a Warriors thing it was disrespectful to Native Americans.

I am an alum as is my husband.
Alas, it doesn’t appear that Marquette bureaucrats in places like the Office of Student Development have any respect for alumni -- nor students for that matter. They worship the Great God Political Correctness.

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