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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Linda Clifford on Marquette Radio

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Linda Clifford was just heard on the Marquette radio program Bipartisan Bickering with Matt and Joseph.

Joseph Schuster, the conservative/libertarian on the program, was well prepared, asking Clifford about school choice and gay marriage.

On school choice, she backed off earlier statements that seemed to question the concept, saying “I think that it is settled law.”

She did express interest in the financing of education in Wisconsin. This is a huge can of worms, because activist liberal courts in numerous other states have (for example) ordered legislatures to change school financing to rely less on the property tax, and more on state funds.

This, of course, makes local schools much less responsive to local citizens, and redistributes influence into the hands of lobbies that are powerful at the state level.

Yes, we are talking about WEAC.

Liberal activist courts have also ordered legislatures to increase spending on education, and raise taxes as much as is necessary to satisfy the judges’ notions of what level of spending is required.

On gay marriage, she refused to back off even a bit, but did equivocate.

When confronted by Schuster with her letter to the Wisconsin legislature attacking the Defense of Marriage Amendment, she said that “nobody will say this day how anybody will vote” and “I can’t say today.”

And she added “we don’t know what the arguments of the parties would be.”

She also said she didn’t know how the law would “develop” in the next few years. Translation: if other state Supreme Courts order gay marriage, she is leaving the door open to using the “developing” law to legalize homosexual unions.

Hear audio:

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