Marquette Warrior: Wonders of Totalitarian Art

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wonders of Totalitarian Art

Via Conservative Donnybrook, an article on the artistic (???) wonders (???) of the totalitarian world.

[Warning] the link to Esquire magazine may try to show you an ad, and then when you bypass it, dump you into a page having nothing to do with this subject. If this happens, just go back and hit the link again.]

While public art may not be so hot here in the U.S. of A., it never reaches the level of megalomania that it does under some of the nastier dictatorships of the world.

As the author explains:
On some level, each of the New Seven is also a colossal monument to narcissism, either some ruler or some culture’s desire to go bigger and leave a mark that cannot be erased -- a sentiment not unlike the one held by some of today’s most ruthless dictators. With that in mind, we created the following list, celebrating those modern monuments from the totalitarian world that may or may not make it through the next coup. Check them out while you still can.


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