Monday, January 05, 2009

Hamas Uses Civilians as Human Shields

It’s a propaganda tactic that works well -- provided that media are willing to be suckered -- as the BBC apparently is.

Try to get as many civilians as possible killed, and then portray Israeli forces as bloodthirsty and engaged in genocide.

From the pro-Israel Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, a detailed report on how Hamas does this.

Key elements are:
1) Firing rockets from densely populated areas and targeting population centers in Israel with the overt intention of harming Israeli civilians. Jabaliya, Beit Hanoun and other populated areas of the northern Gaza Strip are the preferred launching areas for attacking the western Negev towns and villages.

2) Locating the terrorist operative infrastructure within the civilian population : weapons (including rockets), bases, offices, headquarters, tunnels, lathes and weapons stores. During Operation Hot Winter IDF soldiers fought against Hamas operatives who established themselves inside civilian homes.

3) Enlisting Palestinian civilians (including women and children ) through the use of terrorist-owned media and loudspeakers. That is done to call them to gather at the houses they expect the IDF to attack in order to serve as human shields.
Check out the report, which has multiple photos of all these activities.

Hamas, it seems, is quite as happy to get Palestinian non-combatants killed as it is happy to kill Israeli civilians in terrorist attacks.

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