Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supposedly Catholic Cardinal Stritch University Offers “Domestic Partner” Health Benefits

It says so right on their website.
Health Insurance*

Full-time employees, their spouses, dependents and/or domestic partners are eligible to participate in the University’s Group Medical Benefits program. This is a self-funded plan administered by Wausau Benefits. This plan provides medical, hospital, surgical and certain other benefits, including limited vision care and mental/nervous and drug/alcohol care benefits. The University and the employee share the cost of the coverage.

Tuition Remission*

Full- and part-time employees, spouses, dependents and domestic partners can attend graduate or undergraduate classes at Stritch at reduced rates. Tuition reduction is available up to 100% minus any gift aid awarded by the Financial Aid Office.
Clearly, if you are merely rooming with somebody, you are not their “domestic partner.” You have to be having sex. And if you aren’t married to them, the relationship is illicit under Catholic teaching.

It’s always a question with institutions billing themselves as “Catholic.” Are they really Catholic? Parents who want a “Catholic education” for their kids need to ask questions -- a lot of questions -- before they pack them off to any institution that claims to be “Catholic.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're correct, that is what their website says. It's too bad ..... I've supported Catholic Schools for a long time but will not support this.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

I know this will simply come off as sarcastic sniping, but I am very serious when I say this.

The vast majority of people I have ever met, who self described themselves as Catholic, never followed many of the "Catholic teachings" that regard sex. They have sex before they are married. They have lived together before marriage. They use all sorts of different forms of birth control.

You write about the disconnect between Catholic teachings, and Catholic institutions... but in reality these Catholic institutions seem to be very connected with the actual Catholic worshipers.

12:55 PM  
Blogger John McAdams said...


But if a lot of Catholics don't abide by Church teachings, does this means that Church institutions should abandon that teaching?

By the way, there are a fair number of serious Catholics who do abide by Church teaching. Isn't the Church stabbing these people in the back when it says "never mind, we really didn't mean it?"

Put another way, Catholic doctrine holds that the Church has "teaching authority." The mere fact that a lot of the laity don't accept the teaching doesn't change that.

Since I know you are a libertarian, let me put it to you this way: suppose I did a thorough public opinion survey and found that a lot of self-identified libertarians in fact have political beliefs that are decidedly un-libertarian?

Should Reason Magazine fold it up and say "never mind," or should they keep the faith?

1:21 PM  

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