Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dean Search Fiasco: Demonstration in Support of Fr. Wild

From Paco Nava, a Marquette student and president of the Marquette chapter of the Intercollegate Studies Institute:

Notice of a demonstration to support Fr. Wild, and uphold the Catholic mission of the University.

The demonstration, a “public silent prayer gathering,” will be at noon Monday in front of Gesu Church.

The debate over Jodi O’Brien, candidate for Arts & Sciences Dean, is not mentioned in the flyer, but that’s clearly the point.

This is not just an ISI project. We’re aware of support in other quarters of the University.

Still, we would be surprised if there is a large turnout, since students will be gone (and besides, many have been cowed by the treat of being called a “homophobe” at any sign of opposition to the gay agenda).

But a fair number of people may wish to come “out of the closet” as people who want Marquette to be Catholic, and not politically correct.

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