Friday, May 22, 2015

The Assata Cult

Assata Shakur, the subject of an adoring mural posted (until it caused a media firestorm) in the office of the Marquette Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, is a somewhat obscure figure to normal people. But the cop killer and domestic terrorist has quite a following on the hard left.

As explained by Michelle Malkin:
“What Assata taught me” is the new “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

For $35, you, too, can sport a politically correct black hoodie emblazoned with a fugitive convicted murderer’s name. Assata’s apparel is the new rage among perpetually enraged Baltimore and Ferguson social justice warriors. It won’t be long now before hipster actresses and cable news progressives are Instagramming themselves wearing this latest entry in radical chic to show their “solidarity.”

Here’s what Assata taught me: The left’s sick fetish for cop-killers is still going strong after four decades of violence, bloodshed, bigotry and excuses. The timing couldn’t be more blood-boiling. As the relatives, friends and colleagues of NYPD Officer Brian Moore, 25, prepare to bury their hero on Friday after he was brazenly shot in the face this weekend by a thug with a long rap sheet and a deep hatred of police, Assata’s army remains as militant as ever.
And just a little Googling shows plenty of examples of the cult:

So what did the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center think it was doing signing on to this cult? Somebody really concerned with social justice would Tweet something like this:

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