Friday, September 11, 2015

The 9/11 Anniversary

The nicest, most eloquent of the 9/11 songs. Of course, we don’t mind other more truculent responses. But Alan Jackson is a class act.

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Blogger tz said...

The 3000 dead that day did interrupt the daily 4500 silent screams in the Abortion Clinics, but we soon resumed and caught up. 55 million. One out of four babies is aborted. Look at the picking through the dish for parts videos, or just the pictures of the shredded bodies. Or don't.
Where was I? Shrugging. Initially it was 2 abortion weeks, but slowly contracted into 18 abortion-hours.

I don't understand why anyone is excited.

Abortion killed more on 9/10 than Al Queda did on 9/11.

Was everyone on 9/11 that was killed "planned and wanted"?

One million dead babies, many from the NYC clinics v.s. 3000.

If one million dead babies are irrelevant, just a stastic, just a choice, the 3000 can't logically matter

9:40 PM  

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