Saturday, October 24, 2015

Politically Correct Insanity: Roundup of Recent Cases

From The College Fix:
— referring to supporters of Thomas Jefferson as “defending slave owners” and accusing them of “white privilege”
— ditching a career fair booth for the Border Patrol because it might offend “students in the country illegally”
— black dildos are proof of racism
— a “mad scientist”-themed college party was deemed offensive
— a college “language guide” advises against using terms like “mailman,” “policeman,” and “man-made”
— saying “emotional injury” is sufficient to prohibit “unpopular” speech
— complaining about a Mexican-themed event so much so that it gets canned, but other similar events didn’t bother you?
— using a non-existent “racist” event to advocate for $1 million for more … diversity
— and, most recently, banning anything USA/Donald Trump-related, not to mention the colors red, white and blue … because of “negative connotations.”
What the politically correct left doesn’t understand is that, while they can have considerable success bullying and shutting up expression that they don’t like, they are creating an intellectual climate where anybody who is an independent thinker will rebel against them and their leftist politics. They are guaranteeing, in other words, that the most intelligent and critical-minded people are going to be conservative or libertarian.

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Blogger James Pawlak said...

Ignorant people know not the difference between "Vir" and "Homo".

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