Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hoax Racist Incidents on Campus: A Roundup

From the Daily Wire. We won't repost the entire article, but you can read the whole thing here. But we will list the headlines, so you can get the flavor of what is happening.
  • ‘Confirmed’ KKK Presence At Mizzou
  • Racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism at Oberlin
  • KKK is Coming to Berkeley High... Or Not
  • Hangman Graffiti
  • ‘White Only, Black Only’ Signs
  • Students Sends Racist Text Messages to Himself
  • Students Target Themselves With Racial Graffiti
  • Students Target Themselves With Hurtful Messages
  • Fabricated Case of Police Harassment
  • Student Posted Racist Facebook Messages to Himself
The number of such faked incidents has become massive. They are the result of the fact that university administrations are easily manipulated by any claims of racial grievance.

Of course, when those bureaucrats try to redress the claimed racism, the policies they implement have no plausible connection to any real racism on campus (and there is very little real campus racism). They respond by hiring diversity bureaucrats. They respond with mandatory “diversity training” (read: Stalinist thought reform). They respond with “programs” that cater to minority students.

Of course, any real racist on campus is not going to repent because of any of this. On the other hand, students who aren’t racists come to resent being marginalized, subjected to indoctrination, and watching institutions treat black activists as privileged characters.

But the entire charade gives the minority students a feeling of power. Unfortunately, it teaches them that articulating grievances (rather than studying, learning and achieving) is the way to get ahead.

It also grows the bureaucratic empires of the campus bureaucrats. Which is part of the reason they react so supinely.

The other reason is that they are scared to death of being called racist. Real racial progress requires that people be willing to stand up to the racial bullies. Principled people might be surprised at how easy it is to endure charges of “racism” now that the term has become so debased, and now that so many people know how debased it is.

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