Friday, October 21, 2016

Militant Students Defend Vandalism of Pro-Life Display at Marquette

The vandalism of a pro-life display at Marquette, lamented by the Young Americans for Freedom on their Facebook page, has attracted support from several people, who have defended the vandalism, and attacked the Young Americans for Freedom in vile terms in comments following the post.

This is a window into the virulent bigotry of the politically correct left on campus.

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Blogger Paul F said...

Where are the Jesuits? Do those that remain on campus and the faculty agree with this? Why do they remain silent, for that matter what of the diocese? When such an issue has such a direct connection to one of the most fundamental tennants of Catholic faith the silence is deafening. But perhaps the Marquette priesthood have become such quislings they actually agree with abortionists. Shame on Marquette and most especially the Jesuits. I have to believe Ignatious would dispair if confronted with the effete state of his legacy.

1:14 PM  

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