Marquette Warrior: Professor Tears Down McCain Yard Signs, Fired

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Professor Tears Down McCain Yard Signs, Fired

From Politico:
The St. Olaf (Northfield, Minn.) professor who, in a well-read Huffington Post item, recounted tearing down McCain campaign signs has resigned.Per the Northfield News, it appears that Philip Busse was forced out.
St. Olaf spokesman David Gonnerman issued the following statement Monday afternoon:

“The St. Olaf College administration first learned of Phil Busse’s self-admitted theft and destruction of campaign signs on the morning of Oct. 31 as a result of his posting on the Internet. “The St. Olaf administration immediately referred the matter to local law enforcement authorities and commenced an investigation of its own.

“Mr. Busse has tendered his resignation and is no longer affiliated with St. Olaf College.”
Busse has been charged with misdemeanor theft.
This is far from the first time an academic has done something like this.

Would the average liberal college professor do something like this?


Would the average liberal college professor feel just a little bit of glee on hearing about McCain signs torn down -- before a scruple or two kicked in?


We were talking to a colleague the other day, and he was fussing and fuming about how George Bush is supposedly tapping everybody’s phones. He was delighted that somebody had hacked into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account. His view seemed to be that Republicans deserve that.

So the problem is not that the average liberal professor is the sort of fascist who would tear down yard signs or hack into a political enemy’s e-mail account.

It’s that the average liberal professor is part of a culture so full of bias and hostility that such things happen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Foolish. There are morons on each side willing to commit ridiculous acts. I live and teach in the south where enlightened conservative faculty who adhere to Austrian economic policies and read their Ayn Rand like good ideologues won't vote for Obama because he is black. There is enough idiocy to go around.

9:21 AM  

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