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Monday, March 28, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Marquette’s Attempt to Fire Warrior Blogger

Dr. McAdams,

I read your post. I’m truly embarrassed to be an alumnus, but then the University has shared they are embarrassed to have me as an alumni before. Well maybe just one member of the administration, but still that’s enough.

Our family has been connected with Marquette for generations and I’m so thankful so many are no longer with us to see the shameful way the university disregards the beacon of ideas that a university is supposed to represent.

I’ve long felt Ms. abate should have been able to defend her decisions. However, her decisions seem to have been based on emotions of what she felt was right or wrong vs. what she knew to be right or wrong. Emotional decisions are often difficult to defend when academic logic is applied.

It is tragic that the University has chosen to place itself in the position of defending the fragile emotional arguments of a student / faculty rather than using these moments to deepen the roots of academic debate and thought. What a joy it would have been in this situation had taken a different turn and you and Ms. Abate or another faculty member that shared her views could have engaged in an academic discussion on the topic of Catholic views and doctrine in the modern academic world.

A discussion such as that would have been worthy of a symposium that Marquette could have been proud to host.

Instead the university looks like Queen Mary I of England; with blood on their hands desperate to quickly silence any opposition, or thoughts of opposition. Mary burned heretics at the stake in the public square thinking it would rally the people around the justice of her cause. It has the opposite effect, she was viewed as a tyrant murdering innocent people for the crime of thought. Like you drawing a parallel in your blog to the inquisition, I can’t help but see this parallel and think the current administration’s end will come much the same as Mary’s: alone, bankrupt, and without allies even in Holy Mother Church. I very much hope you do not end up playing the role of Archbishop Cranmer who Mary burned for refusing to recant the sin of thought.

Feel free to post this, but please do not use my name or email - I fear the inquisition...they can damage me personally and financially and have tried before.

[Name Withheld]

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Blogger Bob said...

It is quite sad that in today's colleges, intellectual inquiry and the questioning of assumed and classical opinions and "facts", are mere postscripts in the history and tradition of seeking truth.

There are many topics where the supposedly "tolerant" left is intolerant of questioning and logic. Subjects are off-limits and professors are censured for proffering opinions that do not agree lockstep with the "correct" opinions. Students are censured for offering intellectual arguments and logical proofs for their opinions that have been rejected by those who "know better".

It is a sad state of affairs when a student would be allowed to argue for the idea of a flat earth, and would be met by logical arguments to sway her opinion, yet be asked to resign from a course when addressing sociology.

The ancient curse of "May you live in interesting times" applies when an institution built on using socratic methods for determining truth, denies its professors and students from logically examining the world and the state of society and man. Truly, if we can no longer seek truth, to validate or refute it, then our civilization is in complete decline.

11:20 AM  
Blogger PVB said...

Congratulations on your refusal to admit guilt to the lynch mob. May I suggest the book SJWs Always Lie for an expose of the tactics being used against you?

You can read a free chapter here:

Here is the book on Amazon.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Kirby Olson said...

The problem at your school is very similar to the problem throughout academia now. Duke lacrosse was the exact same set of circumstances and beliefs. The domino effect in which almost all the leading administrators and professors fell into place to flatten the boys was nearly automatic. It's not limited to the professoriat and their watchdogs. The media fell into place. Even the legal system buckled, at least temporarily, as Nifong tried to railroad the lacrosse kids. You are at a disadvantage because you don't have a whole team and a captain behind you. However, if you lose it is going to smell forever - the way that Christ's murder, or the forced suicide of Socrates still stinks, and still makes Athens and Rome seem more like toilets than cities of light.

Marquette is well on its way to becoming another toilet.

However, it isn't as if there is some place to which you can run as the letter suggests. It's like this everywhere now. You might as well stand and fight. There's no where to go. America is the last stop.

9:17 AM  

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