Marquette Warrior: Prof. Apologizes for Nazi/Sniper Jibe

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Prof. Apologizes for Nazi/Sniper Jibe

When an Engineering professor disagreed with the College Republican’s campaign to raise money for American military snipers, he wore a bracelet to class that said (he claimed) “Adopt a Nazi,” therefore equating American snipers with Nazis, and implying that Republicans support Nazis.

One Jewish student was particularly offended at this trivilization of real Nazism, and complained to the Administration. Both Provost Wake and the Dean of the Engineering College showed genuine concern, and the latter apologized for the comment.

Today the student met with the professor in question and reports:
I met with Dr. Brower today, he apologized to me, it was sincere, and I accepted.
Kudos to the College Republicans and the student (Danny Manson) for making an issue of this. While all students should be willing to tolerate the expression of opinions different from their own, no student should have to tolerate insulting comments.

Brower’s job was never in question, and it should not have been. But he was out of line and was well-advised to apologize.


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