Marquette Warrior: NCAA Mascot Decision Highly Unpopular

Saturday, August 06, 2005

NCAA Mascot Decision Highly Unpopular

Now on the MSNBC website: an online vote on the NCAA’s decision to ban some Indian nicknames and mascots in post-season play.

The question:
Do you agree with the NCAA’s decision to ban Indian names and mascots from postseason play? * 23424 responses
The results, as this is written: 14% say "yes" and 86% say no.

Such surveys aren’t strictly scientific, but when they are so lopsided, it’s hard ignore the results.

This, like the lopsided pro-Warriors majority in the survey that Marquette took this past November, highlights how out-of-touch academia and academic organizations (like the NCAA) are. Living in a parochial, isolated politically correct world, they can’t fathom how hostile most Americans are toward their antics.

Meanwhile, the Deseret Morning News reports that the University of Utah, which has explicit permission from the Ute tribe to use their name, as well as Florida State, which has the explicit permission of the Seminole tribe to use their name, are both going to fight this.

[Update: As of Monday evening, August 8, the poll showed 87% opposing the NCAA, and only 13% supporting the ban.]


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