Thursday, November 10, 2005

Liberals Continue to Attack “The Warrior”

We noted yesterday how the very liberal editorial board of the Marquette Tribune offered a gracious welcome to and published a fair news story about the new conservative alternative newspaper on campus, The Warrior.

But the intolerant side of contemporary liberalism was on display elsewhere. In addition to the “first out of the gate” post from the 1832 Blog, the blog Someone Took In These Pants... chimed in with an equally derisive article. The blogger (“Robola”) claimed that The Warrior is “a [sic] artificial news source that is trying to pretend it is a legitimate conveyor of news.” His definition of “artificial” appears to be “conservative.” Another poster (“Bru”), commenting on the original story claimed:
I would bet the farm more than a few of this rag’s lackeys are from suburban Chicago, which seems to infest Marquette with hundreds of students every year. They all look the same, dress the same, act the same...
Way to go stereotyping people who disagree with you, Bru.

Even more intemperate, if that’s possible, is the “truth > lies” blog, which explicitly compares The Warrior to the official state media of the old USSR, and says:
A new reactionary Republican propaganda outlet, The Warrior, has been created by a cabal of right-wing students at the Marquette University campus. Complete with faux victim complexes already, their apparent plan is to mimic the tactics of Fox News. Despite Republicans being in control of pretty much the whole government and media, these college students feel victimized by the liberals that are hurting them oh so bad. Initially funded by the Leadership Institute (the only thing they lead in is creating state supporting propaganda), The Warrior’s aim is to react to their own fantasized perception of liberal bias in the normal Marquette paper, the Marquette Tribune.
The last thing we would want is “reactionary cabals” expressing their opinions.

And note the description of the Tribune as “the normal Marquette paper.” How a liberal school-subsidized paper with a staff drawn overwhelming from journalism majors is somehow “normal” is not explained.

The post goes on to quote an harassing e-mail send to Warrior editor Diana Sroka. Here is one passage:
You must ask yourself what you intend to do in this paper. Are you really trying to inform people of news, or are you trying to mislead people with slanted coverage. While your printed words (or lack thereof) say one thing, your actions are very thinly veiled.

So I ask in closing:

How long are you and your staff going to continue to embarrass yourself with this transparent charade of untruth you are putting on? The first step toward answering that question accurately is to be honest with yourself.
We are used to getting hate mail like this, usually the result of appearances on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Of course, one can say that these are atypical and extreme liberal reactions, and that most liberals are a lot more tolerant. This is probably true, but still the very substantial number of people who hate conservatives should be an embarrassment and cause for concern. While most liberals are not haters, the liberal culture is one that tends to nurture hate.


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