Marquette Warrior: Madison Student Paper Covers “The Warrior”

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Madison Student Paper Covers “The Warrior”

Via Letters in Bottles, a story in the Badger Herald about the new Marquette student newspaper, The Warrior.

The story is a bit obsessed with proving that The Warrior is a conservative and Republican paper, with ties to the Leadership Institute. In true Mainstream Media form, any conservative media outlet is “controversial.”

Marquette’s own spokeswoman weighed in on the issue.
Marquette spokesperson Brigid O’Brien Miller said the university is happy to see any additional platform for its students to exercise their freedom of speech in a constructive manner.

“Multiple media on campus is not a new thing, and we certainly welcome students expressing their opinions in constructive ways,” Miller said. “It’s every student’s right to express their opinions in constructive ways.”

Although the staff of The Warrior doubtless rather enjoy being “controversial,” and some campus liberals have played right into their hands by generating controversy, a new voice on campus really is, in principle, pretty mundane. The burden is now on The Warrior to provide quality journalism, from a critical and skeptical perspective. The fact that the staff is bright, conservative and entirely free of University control augers well.


The Mendota Beacon, a conservative Madison student paper, also has an article on The Warrior.


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