Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Suspended Dental Student Blogger on Inside Higher Ed

Yet another excellent story about the suspended Dental School blogger, this time on the web magazine Insider Higher Ed.

One of the most interesting, although disturbing, things about the story is a comment about the issue by a reader.
Thank you Marquette!

I think this is wonderful! More universities need to do this. Blogs and websites like Facebook are not helping with education at all. There is a serious issue at hand with college aged students (18-23) who think nothing of posting pictures from their late night at the bar or talking about their professors in a negative way in their blogs. Something needs to be done and I really think that universities need to ban the facebook and ask them to remove their schools. These young adults need to be taught about what is proper to post on a website/blog and what is not proper. Their blasé attitudes about having their lives open to the world to read is something that is rather scary.
Happily, this kind of thinking is pretty rare, but it’s not entirely nonexistent.


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