Friday, March 10, 2006

Liberal Anti-Wal-Mart Blogger: I Get E-mails From Wal-Mart Watch

The anti-Wal-Mart leftists are trying to spin the fact that PR people working for the retailer fed tips and leads to pro-Wal-Mart bloggers as somehow sinister.

But now a liberal blogger has addressed the relationship he has with the anti-Wal-Mart activist group Wal-Mart Watch.
Questions are beginning to come my way about the relationship between this blog and Wal-Mart Watch. They’re very friendly, thank you very much. In fact, I have a new book review posted on their blog now. Yet I think I speak for everybody here when I write that if you want to discuss the impact of Wal-Mart on America, we’ll be very friendly towards you too (whichever side you happen to be on).
He goes on to note that he is on the mailing list of Wal-Mart Watch, but claims he only gets the same e-mails that everybody can sign up for.

He makes no mention of ever acknowledging that he has used these in his posts. He tries to say his relationship with Wal-Mart Watch is different since:
Read the correspondence between Marshall Manson and the blogger who Jeff links to below, and you’ll read Manson try to spin his conservative audience like a top.

In short, Wal-Mart Watch trusts bloggers, as well as the public, to think for themselves. Wal-Mart doesn’t.
Stop the presses! Public relations types try to spin the information they put out!

Does he actually believe that pro-Wal-Mart bloggers can’t separate spin from fact?

Probably so.


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