Marquette Warrior: Walter Reed: Drawing the Obvious Conclusion

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Walter Reed: Drawing the Obvious Conclusion

Libertarian blogger Keith Brumley draws a conclusion that is obvious, but pretty much beyond the ken of the mainstream media, from the Walter Reed scandal.
One thing struck me as I watched and read about this story. This is government-run health care. The Democrats, rightly, have put a spotlight on this scandal. I doubt the Republicans would’ve had the congressional hearings, etc., if they had still been in charge. However, Democratic candidates for President (e.g., Sen. Obama, Sen. Clinton, John Edwards) are all touting single-payer, government run health care as the end-all-be-all answer to our health care problems.

Hmmmm ... Let’s think about that.

Walter Reed and the Veteran’s Administration are ready examples of single-payer, government run health care, aren’t they? We’ve heard testimony, read stories, and seen pictures of what government run health care looks like. We’ve heard of the mountains of red tape. We’ve heard of the well-paid bureaucrats who are not so good at providing service but skilled at the art of buck-passing. We’ve heard of substandard care, long waits for care, and frustration levels from patients higher than our national debt.

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