Friday, May 04, 2007

WNOV CEO/President: McGee Comments “Across the Line”

We just reached WNOV CEO/President Jerrel Jones, and asked for a comment on the statements of Michael McGee, Sr. on his station.

McGee, as everybody who has paid any attention to the Wisconsin blogosphere knows, suggested that the death of the mother of Milwaukee radio talker Charlie Sykes was “the vengeance of God” and went further to suggest that Sykes may in fact have killed his mother.

Jones said that McGee’s comments were “absolutely across the line,” and further that “I will deal with it.”

Jones declined to go further and say how he expected to “deal with it.”

It is clear that any effective response to the outrageous behavior of McGee and his son, Michael McGee, Jr. will have to come from within the black community. As the recent recall attempt against McGee, Jr. shows, many in the Milwaukee black community are quite happy to thumb their noses at what white folks think.

But it may be revealing that one of the callers to McGee’s show, reacting to his comments yesterday, chastized him. A Christian, she took McGee (who claims to be a Christian) to task for his very un-Christian comments. Her name was Lois, she said that McGee’s comments are “totally out of order and God is not pleased with it.”

You can listen to the audio here, at the very end of the clip.

The McGees, both father and son, are a poison in the politics of the city. Perhaps the sensible people in the black community have now been pushed over the line.


We reached Jones again at about 2:12, and he tells us that McGee will not be on the air Monday.

A decision will be made tomorrow as to whether he will be allowed back.

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