Thursday, May 03, 2007

WTMJ-TV Reports: Michael McGee, Sr. Will Not Be on the Air Tomorrow

It’s been the buzz in the Wisconsin blogosphere: the fact that race hustler Michael McGee, Sr. (father of race hustler Michael McGee, Jr.) said on his radio broadcast that the tragic death of the mother of conservative radio talker Charlie Sykes was God’s punishment for the evil that Sykes (in McGee’s view) does. According to Channel 12:
“Mother Sykes, she dead. To me it’s the vengeance of God. I ain’t got no tears. Matter of fact a woman that would have a fool like that deserve whatever is coming her. She raised a sure enough idiot,” McGee said on his radio show. “My instincts say Charlie Sykes killed his momma, cuz she live out in this big palace in Mequon all isolated. He got tired of waiting for her money.”
And that’s just a portion of McGee’s vile comments.

Channel 4 just reported that McGee will not be on the air tomorrow.

After that, the issue is apparently open.


The President and CEO of WNOV has told us that McGee’s comments were “absolutely across the line” and would be dealt with, but declined to go further and say what actions are being considered.

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