Saturday, November 14, 2015

Amherst Students Demand Apology For Support of Free Speech

And They are Demanding it From Administrators Who Did Not Even Endorse Free Speech

From the Daily Beast:
Students protesting at Amherst College have issued a list of demands to administrators that includes making them apologize for signs that lament the death of free speech.

A group calling themselves the Amherst Uprising listed 11 demands they want enacted by next Wednesday. Among them is a demand that President Biddy Martin issue a statement saying that Amherst does “not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the ‘All Lives Matter’ posters, and the ‘Free Speech’ posters.”

The latter posters called the principle of free speech the “true victim” of the protests at the University of Missouri.

Going further, the students demand the people behind “free speech” fliers be required to go through a disciplinary process as well as “extensive training for racial and cultural competency.”

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Blogger James Webb said...

“extensive training for racial and cultural competency.”

What is competency in this context? Would a successful trainee emerge from the program obediently viewing racial and cultural matters through the lens of the perpetually, gainfully aggrieved?

Good grief!


1:22 PM  

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