Marquette Warrior: August 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Christian A Cappella Internet Radio Station

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Having a Good Time

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Warrior Blogger on Status of Case, Intolerance in Academia

In the Jay Weber show, guest hosted by Matt Kittle, we discuss our case against Marquette and its attempt to fire us.

And more: we talk about the increasing intolerance in academia and how it arose.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

And Riots Accomplish What?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

McAdams’ Law of Political Correctness

Monday, August 15, 2016

Lying to Black People

From Andrew Klavan, whose videos are great, but who’s also good when he chooses to be a columnist:
Leftists — aided by our corrupt news media — are past masters of replacing truth with narrative. Ninety-seven percent of scientists believe in catastrophic man-made climate change. Women are paid 77 cents on the dollar. These statements are indefensible lies, but when you have a leftist press trained in leftist universities to repeat the assertions of leftist politicians, it’s easy to make these “facts” part of what ordinary people think they know.

Especially impressive is the way in which leftists manage to bake dishonesty into the language itself. Take the repellent phrase “objectifying women,” which is used to support the equally repellent philosophy of feminism. The phrase essentially asserts that the normal male sex drive, with its emphasis on visual cues, is somehow in and of itself immoral, that it’s wrong and unfair for guys to desire the beautiful Giselle Bundchen, say, more than the dumpy Lena Dunham. Men, simply by being as God made them, are in some sense doing wrong — and if you fight back against this calumny, you are accused of “man-splaining.” Well, I intend to continue man-splaining until feminists begin to girl-understand.

When it comes to the problems of black Americans, the left outdoes itself in the art of deception. Virtually every assertion of the violent Black Lives Matter hate movement is a falsehood. Even the name of this vicious collection of groups is offensive. When challenged by those who respond with “All Lives Matter,” the BLM people thug-splain that what they really meant was “Black Lives Matter too.” But this assumes that white people don’t know this, that blacks in this country are treated as if their lives matter less than others.

The facts tell a different story. In about 85% of crimes involving whites and blacks, blacks were the attackers, whites the victims. Racial hatred of whites is at least — at least — as virulent among blacks as racial hatred of blacks is among whites. Assertions that black people can’t be racist are just more lies.

And, of course, as anyone who follows the data knows, the assertions made by leftists from Barack Obama to the Justice Department on down that police harass or over-police blacks always — always — fail to take into account the massive difference in the crime rates between black and white communities. When you consider that between 1980 and 2008 the black 13% of the population committed 52% of the nation’s murders, the phrase “racial profiling” is revealed to be what it always was: another leftist lie baked into the language, a nasty way of describing ordinary, heads-up police work.

In Milwaukee this weekend, blacks rioted after police shot and killed a fleeing suspect who was brandishing a stolen gun. The racist rioters targeted white people for beat-downs as if “whites,” whatever that means, were to blame. In Democrat-owned-and-operated Chicago, meanwhile, 65 people were murdered in July alone. No need to ask what color the victims and killers were. Only 3.5% of Chicago murders are committed by whites, 4.6% of the victims are white, just about all the rest of the murderers and the dead are either black or, to a lesser extent, Hispanic. No riots in Chicago though. What would the rioters have said: “We demand we take responsibility for our own lives!” I don’t think so.
Former Attorney General Eric Holder is famous for claiming that we as a nation need to have an “honest conversation about race.”  That, in fact, would be the last thing Holder would want.

He and his leftist buddies want to berate whites about  “white privilege” and “institutional racism.”  They are prepared to label “racist” anybody who disagrees with them.

But in fact, an honest conversation is going on online.  Just check the comments sections of news stories about the recent riots in Milwaukee.  Don’t check conservative outlets: go to daily newspapers and TV stations.

Most whites are not about to feel guilty about slavery, nor about Jim Crow.  Those were deplorable, but are ancient history.  Most whites know they pay lots of taxes for schools and social programs, and that doesn’t seen to have made things better in the inner city.  They know they have not impregnated a black woman or girl and failed to marry her.  They know they have not assaulted or robbed or raped or killed a black person.

In short, if Holder actually talked to a representative sample of whites who were bold enough to tell him what they really think, he would be thoroughly chastened.  In fact, if he had to step out of his politically correct bubble, he would freak.

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Milwaukee Riots: Race Hustler Spouts the Usual Clichés

Race hustlers like Rainey claim to represent the community, but in fact lots of blacks condemn violence, and even refuse to blame whitey for the problems of the inner city.

A good sample of views from the Sherman Park area (where the recent riots happened) can be found in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Yes, some of the people there give standard, politically correct answers:
Ceasar Stinson, a 44-year old who grew up in the Sherman Park area, jumped in the conversation. He said the violence and reaction to the killing — regardless of the circumstances surrounding the shooting — are symptoms of deeper issues and historical white supremacy.

“There’s a historical hatred and fear of African-American men,” he said. “Police have it. We have it. … We have a fear and hatred for one another.”
Others are more willing to point to problems in the black community:
Like many others contemplating what happened, Yvette McFarland said one of the main solutions starts at home.

“Parents need to parent their kids,” she said. “Parents need to teach biblical morals and values.”

She raised two children in the area in the 1990s before moving to Wauwatosa.

“I’m just sad to see how our black community is in such a rage,” she said.

Nearby, a pastor debated a longtime resident about the actions of those responsible for torching four buildings.

“I think it’s wrong,” said the Rev. Jeffery Hawkins of the Church of Living God and West Side Missionary Baptist Church. “It’s senseless.”

Hawkins is a postal carrier, and the gas station that burned was the last stop on his route for 10 years. He knows the neighborhood and the people well.

“Everyone wants to be politically correct instead of spiritually right,” he said. “You’re upset because police are killing black men … and you’re saying ‘Aw, the white man is keeping me down.’ But if you don’t change your way of thinking, you’re dooming yourself. ... You’ve got too much hate. You have to overcome hate with love.”

Hawkins, who is African-American, said his children are in college and that one of the reasons African-Americans in Milwaukee might not have opportunities is because they haven’t learned to read. “My wife and I sit down and read with (our kids). We have to teach them.”
Regardless, the reaction of the community was heartening. As one community resident explained:
“The good thing is that to get up early in the morning, a Sunday morning, and watch so many people come out to help out, just to help out because it’s the right thing to do — it proves not just to this community, (but) to the city, to the world, that we have more good in this world than we have bad. We just tend to focus on the bad.”

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A Great Service

GLENN MCCOY © Belleville News-Democrat. Dist. By UNIVERSAL UCLICK. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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