Marquette Warrior: Federal Regulation of Bloggers?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Federal Regulation of Bloggers?

Sounds like another of those paranoid fantasies, doesn’t it? Like one of those things believed by people who think that the moon landings were faked or that Republican companies make all the voting machines and have rigged them to favor the Republicans.

But unfortunately, there is at least one Federal judge, and several commissioners on the Federal Election Commission who want Federal election finance laws used to regulate what people say on blogs. And that judge’s decree is now the law.

Not suprisingly, the Democrats on the Federal Election Commission like this, and the Republicans don’t.

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that liberals just flat don’t believe in free speech. I’ve noted this in the context of Marquette’s decision to shut down the College Republican’s “Adopt a Sniper” fundraiser.

Liberals keep coming up with more and more types of speech they want to suppress. It’s a sign of their political weakness. Somewhere, deep down, they know that if there is robust debate they are going to lose.


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