Marquette Warrior: GOP3 Bloggers “Out” Liberal Running as Moderate

Thursday, November 10, 2005

GOP3 Bloggers “Out” Liberal Running as Moderate

What happens when a liberal Democrat tries to run as a “moderate” in a conservative district?

It depends on whether anybody bothers to really research her record, her political associations and her sources of money.

Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District leans clearly conservative. Bush beat Kerry there by 55% to 44% in 2004.

Yet Democrat Nancy Nusbaum is running for the seat as a moderate.

Thanks to the GOP3.COM blog, we know her true colors: quite liberal, and definitely pro-abortion. Indeed, the student bloggers were on her case as early as this past July.

Perhaps she hopes people won’t notice how the tone of her 10/13/2005 press release compares with the tone of her 11/25/2003 press release.

The more recent one paints her as an advocate of economic development and law and order.
Nancy was then appointed as the state’s top protector of innocent victims of crime by the Attorney General. She recently left her post as Director of Crime Victim Services for Wisconsin, where for the past two years she led the fight to protect abused children and stood up for the victims of rape, domestic violence and other crimes.

Nancy’s record of accomplishment shows that she will not follow any party line in Washington—but be an independent voice for the folks in northeast Wisconsin. She is ready to lead the fight for job creation, lower taxes and keeping our communities safe and healthy as the next Member of Congress from the 8th District.
But the earlier one shows that she endorsed Howard Dean in 2003:
“Governor Dean has been speaking up for change, for people, and for issues important to Wisconsinites. He’s the only candidate offering a clear alternative to President Bush, and I’m proud to be supporting his bid to take our country back. I look forward to working hard with his impressive grassroots organization to help him win on February 17th, and again next November,” Nusbaum said.
Further, it identifies her as President of the Board of Directors of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin.

The more recent press release says nothing about Howard Dean, or President Bush or abortion.

It’s not surprising that liberal Democrats want to regulate bloggers. When traditional media are pliant and not inclined to ask questions about liberals, conservative bloggers do.


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