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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Brokeback Tribune

An excellent post by Daniel Shur on the GOP3.COM blog shows how Tuesday’s Marquette Tribune went all out pushing a “gay rights” agenda.

The stories are all biased, and three of them in one issue is the trifecta of liberal bias.

Consider these nuggets:
  • Story One: “Ignorance breeds injustice,” said Jess Cushion, a junior in the College of Communication and president of Marquette’s Gay/Straight Alliance. “I applaud DePaul for taking the step to fuel acceptance of the lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual community by educating people about discrimination and hate that homosexuals endure on a daily basis.”
  • Story Two: “According to a statement from the Vatican, homosexuals and gay supporters can’t be ordained,” she said. “We need dialogue. We need to talk about this. How does Marquette feel? How does human dignity play into this? How can the Catholic Church respect human dignity and then turn around and discriminate?”
  • Story Three: Ankerson said she has reason for optimism based on the results of a November 2004 poll conducted by Action Wisconsin, a liberal organization that works toward ensuring equal rights. The poll showed that between 60 percent and 65 percent of Wisconsin residents support civil unions.
Story Three did have a sentence by Dan Maciejewski in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment, and a couple of supportive sentences from Wisconsin State Representative Mark Gundrum, but that was all.

This is an example of what happens when the staff of a student newspaper lacks intellectual diversity. It’s not that they try to be biased. It’s just that they just can’t see both sides.


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