Marquette Warrior: WNOV: McGee Suspended Indefinitely, Son to Take Over Show

Saturday, May 05, 2007

WNOV: McGee Suspended Indefinitely, Son to Take Over Show

It has been a local issue that went national: radio talker Michael McGee, Sr. welcoming the death of talk show host Charlie Sykes’ mother, and suggesting that Sykes himself killed her to inherit her money.

McGee’s station, WNOV, condemned the comments, and then (oddly) seemed to make excuses, saying that Sykes attacked McGee’s son, Michael McGee, Jr. Sykes did indeed attack the younger McGee, a Milwaukee Alderman, for very public and highly publicized misconduct.

For about two days, we have been wondering what the WNOV management would do. Now we know.

Just in from WNOV:
May 5, 2007



Pursuant to a meeting with former Alderman Michael McGee Sr. and representatives from his production company, 860 WNOV owner Mr. Jerrel Jones is suspending McGee Sr. indefinitely. McGee’s son Alderman Michael McGee Jr. will be the host of the Word Warriors program.

“It is imperative that the community’s concerns are responded to immediately”, Jones said.

“Word Warriors program is an integral ingredient to the community’s cry for information and access. McGee Sr. will be suspended, but the programming will continue,” Jones said.
McGee, Jr., of course, is a chip off the old block. What Jones appears to have done is to try to appease both McGee critics and supporters in “the community.” Given the track record of the younger McGee, he can expect to have another embarrassing situation on his hands sometime soon.

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