Marquette Warrior: Clinton Sleeps on the Floor So Elder Bush Can Have Bed

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Clinton Sleeps on the Floor So Elder Bush Can Have Bed

Yes, on a trip to the Tsunami area, Bill Clinton slept on the floor of a government plane so that the elder Bush, who is now 80, could have the bed.

The liberal friend who sent this said “And you thought Bill was such a bad guy. . . .”

Clinton has always been a fundamentally likable fellow, regardless of whether one agreed with all his policies or not. A moral weakness crippled his presidency (when so much was at stake, he really should have passed on oral sex from Monica).

But his behavior toward both Presidents Bush has been gracious indeed. He has refused to partake in harsh partisan criticism of George W. Bush when many members of his party have been going bonkers. For their part, the Bushes have praised Clinton. George W. Bush did when Clinton’s portrait was unveiled at the White House, and both men did at the dedication of the Clinton Presidential library.

The AP story would never had been written had not the elder Bush told reporters about Clinton’s generosity. Credit all three men with a lot of class.


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