Monday, October 24, 2016

Vandalizing of Anti-Abortion Display at Marquette in the News

It hasn’t been quite the fiasco the Assata Shakur mural was, but the vandalizing of an anti-abortion display (which has been approved by the university through normal channels) by leftist students (including members of the feminist campus group Empowerment) has gotten some attention.
  • The Daily Caller. Notes that the College Democrats approved the defacing of the display.
  • The Daily Caller. Notes that Empowerment, a recognized student group at Marquette, has applauded the vandalism, and said there is no need to tolerate anti-abortion opinions.
  • Campus Reform. Also notes that the College Democrats approved the vandalism.
  • Hypeline. Recounts basic facts of the case, and notes numerous other cases of vandalism and harassment directed at pro-life students at various universities.
  • Also lists cases of vandalism by intolerant feminists at various campuses, and names one student who confessed on Facebook that she participated in the vandalism at Marquette.
More relevant, probably, because they have good penetration of the local market, are two reports on local TV news.
The issue now becomes: what will Marquette do in response? Will it discipline those responsible? Marquette’s incessant pandering to the campus left suggests the university will do nothing. But perhaps this case is so egregious that even the über-politically correct administration will have to come down on the side of free expression.

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Blogger James Pawlak said...

Surveillance cameras and face-recognition programs are available. For general safety purposes, such common areas of universities (Where such expressions are made OR politically incorrect speakers are presented) the cameras should be hidden an used. The pictures taken to issue IDs to students, faculty and other employees should be entered into such a program as can allow identify those violating university rules and our "Criminal Code".

"University persons" attacking academic freedom or violating criminal laws should be formally expelled or fired---AFTER FULL 'DUE PROCESS" HEARINGS. "Outsiders" so identified should be attached to a police report to, hopefully, result in convictions in State or Federal laws.

4:33 PM  
Blogger G. B. Miller said...

Just sad. Painfully sad. Makes me wonder what these children are going to do once they hit mainstream corporate America looking for employment.

4:47 AM  

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