Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Online Poll: Marquette Wrong on Discipline of Student Blogger

Online polls can’t be truly scientific, but sometimes the outcome is so skewed that it’s simply impossible to deny that opinion leans sharply in one direction.

Thus it is with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel poll about the punishment meted out to a Dental School student who criticized a professor and fellow students (but none of them by name) on his blog.

At this moment, the results are:

Do you agree with Marquette’s discipline in this case?

No (87.2%)

Yes (12.8%)

Total votes: 1,552

This is not quite as lopsided as the online poll about the “Gold” decision (which was about 94-6), but it’s still pretty lopsided

[Hat tip to the GOP3 for a correction about the “Gold” poll.]


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