Thursday, December 08, 2005

Which Professor Did the Dental School Blogger Attack?

A key issue in the recent suspension of a Dental School student was his attack, on his blog, against one of his professors. The professor was described as “cockmaster of a teacher. I don’t even gratify him by calling him a professor. He is one who teaches, as in should teach infants and children.”

There has been some speculation on the identity of the professor. The GOP3.COM blog claims that Dr. Anthony Ziebert, who presided over the disciplinary hearing held last Thursday (December 1) was the professor attacked.

This appears to be false.

According to Scott Taylor, the lawyer for the student blogger, his client was pressed during the hearing to name the professor, and he did so. The person was not Dr. Ziebert nor any member of the committee hearing the case.

Taylor was present during the hearing.

The fact that the committee did not know the identity of the professor attacked bears on the seriousness of the purported offense. Not only was the professor not named in the blog post, he wasn’t even identifiable to most people in the Dental School.


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