Thursday, December 08, 2005

Badger Herald on Dental School Blogger

The Madison-based Badger Herald weighed in today on the case of the Dental School blogger who was suspended because of comments made about one of is professors and his fellow students.

We are gratified that they quoted us extensively, although we have to note that the Marquette Tribune story was based on a much wider array of sources.

We haven’t been inclined to worry that this incident portends the End of Free Speech at Marquette.
“This is sort of a dental-school thing. I think it’s established outside the dental school you can say what you want outside on [your] blog,” [McAdams] added. “They sort of view themselves as having their own little fiefdom over there.”
Nonetheless, we think there is a chance that, if the Dental School can shut up this sort of expression, other parts of the University will be tempted to try the same thing.


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